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Written by R R Haywood, July 18th, 2016

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Win the biggest bundle of Undead goodies yet


To celebrate the release of my first published book (like an actual published book through an actual publisher who have offices and staff and computers, and a coffee machine, and a water cooler thing, and stuff…like proper.)

I am giving away the biggest bundle of Undead goodies yet

Woop and high five and er…woop again and um, yay another high five…or, seeing as I’m very British and full of social angst at overly loud displays of attention gaining nonsense we can just sort of nod a bit and smile shyly and perhaps raise a hand a few inches as though to say well done old chap.

Yay, so let’s all nod a bit and smile. Then drift off to the publishers kettle and ask who would like a nice cup of tea.

Win these goodies…

premiere prizes.jpgwithwords

blood prizebookcovertshirt

To win,

Blood at the Premiere has 15 chapters.
Each chapter is headed with a quote.
Insert one of the 15 chapter quotes into a review on /
I will put the names of the reviewers into my winter dog walking hat and select one as the winner.
(Make it easy for me and put the quote in actual quote marks….”…that’s a quote mark…”…and another)

Competition will close on 18th August 2016

Good luck

As ever, please let me know what you think of the story, I really hope you enjoy it.

Take care

RR Haywood

*The Undead Audio books will be continuing. Audible have confirmed the series is still being commissioned. I will post as soon as I know more.



5 thoughts on “Win the biggest bundle of Undead goodies yet

  1. Another brilliant book, I love the way I get so attached to the characters so quickly. Brilliant yet again. I’ve left a review, fingers crossed!

    Thank you for writing such incredible stories. It brought me back to reading after a long time absence.

  2. I have a question. Since you turned the first two weeks into paperbacks? Are you going to do the same with Day 15 and onwards?

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