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Written by R R Haywood, June 6th, 2017

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Win signed copies of EXTRACTED & EXECUTED

To celebrate the release of Executed (book two in the Extracted series) I am giving away signed copies.


To enter:


Add your name to the comments below and say what era in history you would visit and why.

I will choose the winners at some random point in the future / past / present / um….other times?

Good luck!

32 thoughts on “Win signed copies of EXTRACTED & EXECUTED

  1. 70’s, middle America, visit family members. Not terribly exciting but fun regardless. Thanks.

  2. I would choose to go 100 years into the future. Why? Because I’ve always thought we’ll end up living in either a Terminator style scenario ( Google as Skynet, anyone?) or a Gattaca one and I’d like to see that I am wrong and just slightly weird.

    ….I’ll get me coat.

  3. Possibly August 1888, to find out once and for all exactly who jack the Ripper was.
    Other than that I would like to go to the year 3000 to see whether Earth is still habitable and whether there are aliens around. I also want to see if Mechs will be in use because……… Mechs!

  4. 2000 and whenever years ago to see exactly what this Jesus character was actually up to and find out if he actually deserves all the hype or if it was just blown up out of all proportion by people with their own personal agendas.

  5. I thought I knew my answer until I read the others posts above. I now realize I have been under-thinking this whole thing! Well, at first I thought maybe 300-500 years in Americas past, but now I realize the future is where it all is at… or isn’t at. So now I simply MUST have my very own time machine so I can go where ever I want, when ever I want. Thanks so much for this opportunity. I ma now a HUGE fan of yours and will be reading your undead series when $ permits.

  6. My first thought was to go back to the times of king Arthur, the heroic tales of the knights, the spender of the castles the simple life of the people, but the downsides of disease, famine, war are tough. So for me it would be the 1960’s of Britain, the music the fashion the art work the whole fun and freedom of the times. I was born in the 60’s but I want to live through it again as an adult see the rolling stones, go to the caven for the beetles first show, laugh at the goons and Harry worth, drive on quiet roads, wear outrages clothes and see England win at football.

  7. I’d go back about 5 to 10 million years. What was really going on then?
    Looking forward to reading the next book. Probably have to read the first one again first!

  8. The swinging 50s for sure! Mainly just for the great music and to stock up my wardrobe with disgustingly fabulous dresses! 🙂

  9. 1970, I want to meet all of the women in my family who passed away become I got to know them. Both of my grandmother’s especially. Plus the music was groovy!!

  10. I would pick the 1930’s era. I could see Lou Gehrig, Babe Ruth, Bob Feller and also The Three Stooges. I think that would be great, since there wasn’t the celebrity lifestyle, that you could sit down with these guys at a restaurant and get to know what type of people they really were.

  11. I’d go back to 1980 and meet my grandad’s one died before I was born the other when I was a couple years old. By what ive heard Both were amazing men

  12. I’d go back to the 60’s to party in Liverpool with some colourful characters. I’d also watch the World Cup in ’66.

  13. Andrew Skipper
    I’d go back in time and work harder after leaving school to make sure I ended up in the career I’d really have loved to have been in. Or, go back to when Apple and MS launched and invest a few grand in each then pop forward to today to cash in my shares! LOL

  14. Leon Thomas
    I would travel back to 1990 and tell much loved friends and family members, whom died of easily fixed medical conditions, what they have wrong before the conditions became were too far along to treat. I also probably buy a lottery ticket for the first massive rollover. The week before it was won…

  15. My answer to these type of questions is always the same October 15th 2001 to say a proper goodbye to my Dad

  16. I went sentimental on the FB post so I’m going a different direction here. Ancient Egypt, maybe King Tut time. I want to see how it all developed and how things were built

  17. I would like to jump go back and see if I could change a few things to make our current world a bit better❤

  18. Hmmm. If I could go anywhere in history, anywhere at all I think I’d visit last Saturday. My wife was visiting her family with my two small children and I got to lie in till 9am, got to go to the toilet without it becoming a team sport and didn’t see the inside of a dirty nappy for a full 18 hours.
    Good times.

    PS, When’s the next one coming? 🙂

  19. That’s a great question! I would want to visit multiple places like in the books, but if I had to just choose one I would have to say a brief visit to ancient Rome.

  20. At the moment I would just go forward in time to read the next instalment After that as far forward as neede to be their when first contact is made

  21. 1980’s. just so that I could ask my Grandad all the questions I could have asked him when he was alive.

  22. I would probably return to New England when it was beginning to get colonized. It would be interesting going back to deal with the hardships they had to endure while having the knowledge of someone living in todays world.

  23. I would pick the year 1231 because it’s a secret. Books are great, thank you for writing them. My favorites this year.

  24. 200-400 years plus in the future, science having unravelled all the building blocks of the universe, space travel? Would love to read your version. Something like Liu cixin 3 body problems.

  25. I would go visit Van Gogh and buy Starry Night for the price of a cup of arse froth, bury it somewhere and then dig it up when i got back so I could sell it for millions and retire. Cause I’m old and tired of working!

  26. I would pick the reign of Ramses II and advise how to avoid Egypt being conquered so a new civilization would be launched.

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