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Written by R R Haywood, November 21st, 2014

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The Undead Day Sixteen competition

The Undead Day Sixteen has been released and what a response!

The day of release is always a time of intense nerves on my part. There is a wave of panic and uncertainty that I should have re-worked that scene, or changed that dialogue.

There is no such as a perfect novel. The thing one author writes is different to what every other would do. In the end I abided by new mantra and stopped fucking about and got on with it.

In the meantime, and as a way of trying not to fret and worry and panic and run about the house whimpering…I decided to harass Eddy the artist instead.

We have rambling conversations about all manner of things, we come up with weird n wonderful ideas the like of which should probably never see the light of day.

However, one gem of an idea popped out.

An illustrated version?

Could we do an illustrated version of one of the books? Would readers like it? How would it be done? It would be a huge amount of hard work for Eddy as he would need to go through and work out the best scenes to pick from, then of course translate that into a visual arts format….in black and white…then we’d need to work out how to whack that image into the document so it can be loaded on Kindles and iPads etc.

I always do a competition for the release of The Undead books as it’s my way of saying thanks (coughs into his hand about generating reviews and looks away sheepishly…then glances up to see if anyone noticed)

So. The competition for the release of The Undead Day Sixteen is the following…


This is a scene from The Undead Day Sixteen

Sketch1 - Copy


The competition is simple.

Work out which scene this is from.

Tell me the chapter and the scene, describe it so there’s no mistake.

Use the comments section below.

Leave a four or five star review on Amazon (UK) but make sure the name you put the comment under is the same as your reviewer name on Amazon.

I will tally them together and pick a winner.

No…I will pick two winners!

Bollocks…make it three…..three winners…….

The winners get Undead goodies, signed books, cups and that kind of stuff.

Also – Eddy asked me to find out if there is a demand for an illustrated version of The Undead Day Sixteen. Would you like to see an illustrated version?

I cannot thank you enough for all the incredible support you have given for the series. It’s humbling in a way I can never describe.

Sorry for the delay between books.

I better go, I’ve got The Undead Day Sixteen Part Two to continue writing….

Take care

RR Haywood

19 thoughts on “The Undead Day Sixteen competition

  1. its Marcy and Howie, while Howies unconscious he finds her and she reaches out and touches the side of his face and tells him this is not about you this is about what you can do.

    1. Also I think illustrations would be fantastic. I’ve always loved war of the worlds, but I loved the paintings that came in a book with the lyrics in the album, they are amazing. If the right scenes are chosen I think you die hard fans would love them.

  2. Isn’t everyone just going to copy everyone else, I’ll be honest I having read 16 yet as I’m ‘re reading so I’m I’m on day 13 and won’t be on day 16 for a while so I’m out instead of lying and copying everyone’s answers (nice SPOILERS by the way) but you will be getting 5 stars anyway

    1. Very good point, Tess. Clearly I bollocksed the rules up!

      Anywho…carry on. Can’t go back and change it now. Good luck, stick an entry in and a review and win some Undead goodies.

      Good luck

  3. Am I the only one who feels slightly cheated that the books are now split into two parts, this is my favourite zombie series and I have been eagerly checking Amazon for day 16 imagine my excitement at receiving the email that it was now available, downloaded immediately and read in one sitting. I was left feeling disappointed and unfulfilled, at least with the 1 day format you were left with a mini conclusion to that days battle for life or death and anticipation for the next days installment. Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed reading this I love the characters and feel emotionally invested in all their ups and downs, but this left me feeling disappointed and a bit cheated, if a book is split into two parts then it should be because the storyline requires more time to develop not just to add a bit more padding.
    Sorry Mr Haywood I love to he Undead series but please revert back to the original format, I would rather wait a bit longer for a complete story than be given half a story for the same price.

  4. I don’t know about an illustrated book but some maps would be cool. Maybe a character guide of sorts would be cool too.

  5. Chapter 20. Howie is unconscious, dreaming and unable to go any further. He feels he can’t lead anymore unaware that his team are falling apart without him and need him more than ever. Marcy appears and tells him his team need him and basically they won’t survive if he doesn’t wake up. She tells him it’s not about him personally, but about what he is and what he does. He is inspiration and that’s what his team and any survivors need to carry on the fight against the infection and its one race desire. He starts to feel energy coming back to him and confesses he still thinks of her, but feels guilty because of Lani. Marcy tells him to find her and kisses him. Howie feels a rush of energy and strength like never before and snaps awake.

  6. Chapter 20 – Howie has managed to contact his team in a round about way through Mo Mo but is frustrated because Dave can’t see him. All of a sudden Howie isn’t in the munitions plant with his team any more but back on the street in the town in the midst of the horde when he catches a glimpse of Marcy. Believing she can help him regain consciousness he catches up to her and threatens to finish her if she doesn’t help. She tells him she can’t help and he is lost and wanted out – but he has to give more and he will, he has to find her. She tells him that his team are bickering and arguing with him not there and cannot win without him – without him and Dave the team has no heart to continue the fight and Lani is torn and at the most dangerous point – Howie must rise and then the doubt will be gone, he must not falter again but lead, fight and win and then find her. They kiss making Howie feel stronger and full of power and then she breaks it off, tells Howie to go but to remember her.

  7. I would love to see an illustrated version of the Undead – plus it would mean I could introduce my teenage son to this fantastic series in a format that he would enjoy.

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