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Written by R R Haywood, September 3rd, 2014

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The Second Reality: Gateway City, an introduction.

What if you created a new world with its own set of rules? What if you and another person discussed the creation of this new world? Would your perceptions be the same?

This is what D Harrison Schleicher and I have done.

We’re both zombie horror writers with our own distinct voices and unique styles but with a deep love for strong fiction. Over a rambling conversation on Skype we came up with the idea of both doing a story set in this new fantasy world. We would stick to the chosen principles and rules, use some of the same locations and characters but we’d each tell our story in our own way.

Mine was completed first and released in March 2014 and has done very well with some fantastic reviews.

Now it’s Schleichers turn and the story is excellent. I love Schleichers writing and style. His Dead Life series is very good but this story; The Second Reality, Gateway City – is brilliant and it gave me such a thrill to read of the same places and characters that we had discussed and invented.

I can only hope you take the same enjoyment from this story that I did, so sit back and relax. Suspend disbelief and immerse yourself in a whole new world created by an American and a Brit.

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3 thoughts on “The Second Reality: Gateway City, an introduction.

  1. Holy shit had no idea this was coming so soon. Feel bad for harassing Dave for the new Dead Life book now. I’m away to buy it right now!

  2. Wow …..very very cool! Who did the cover art work? I love it ….almost a bit of a Joan Miro’ vibe. Can not wait to read one of my favorite story lines this year from the perspective of an incredible author whom I was turned on to by Mr. Haywood … absolute favorite author!

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