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Written by R R Haywood, October 26th, 2018

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Extracted has been optioned for a TV series!!!

Hellloooooo you lovely super nice readers!

I don’t normally blog on a Friday night, but I just got the nod that I can share my news…which I have been sitting on now for a couple of months and busting a gut not to mention.

Extracted has been optioned for a TV series!!!!

Oh my days. How cool is that! I’m not allowed to say who has optioned it, or give any more information out, but blimey, what a thing. My first option! Break out the Earl Grey tea eh? let’s dunk some biccies and dance about to some Tiffany.

To remain grounded it is worth mentioning that lots of books get optioned by TV and movie people, but very few get made. Even super duper #1 worldwide bestselling awesome household name books have been optioned and never actually made, so it really is just a stage in a very long process. But, positive thinking and all that….and OH MY GOSH!!!! EXTRACTED HAS BEEN OPTIONED FOR A TELLY SERIES….

Righto. Thanks for letting me share that and I hope you are all super well and enjoying your weekend.

Love hugs and kisses

30 thoughts on “Extracted has been optioned for a TV series!!!

  1. That’s awesome mate. Huge congratulations not sure about dancing around to Tiffany bit with you on all the other celebrations.

  2. This trilogy of books is superb. the audio book versions were narrated to perfection and the trilogy kept me captivated until i reached the end. I think the way the character list was so small and not that expansive you could really feel the dialogue develop between them the longer the books went on which wouldn’t happen with a larger cast. If this makes it to tv i really hope they do it justice and not some teatime adventure flick.

  3. I know Just the actress for “Mother”! I sent her a link for this article! After reading all three books I know she could be the best actress for the role! Julienne Davis would be perfect!

  4. It’ll take a bit of adapting. But, you’ve written some of the most brialiant scenes I can imagine. Can’t wait to see them live!!!

  5. Hi, firstly, have listened to your trilogy on Audible and have loved your writing.

    What plans do you have to write further books, as you left it open ?

    Many thanks


  6. Great news but better news would be that you are writing some more.

    I am coming to the end of Extinct and feeling very sad that it is the end.

  7. I have NEVER in my life been so addicted to a book(s). I downloaded Extracted as my first audiobook and from there, everything else could ‘do one’ as I listened intently to Karl Prekkop narrate such a brilliantly written trilogy of excitement. I am now on book 9 of The Undead. Bloody brilliant.

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