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Written by R R Haywood, June 19th, 2017

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Extracted #3, the next undead, audio books, winners and other stuff

It’s hard sometimes to express gratitude sincerely without coming across as trite or blase. There is no inflection with the written word and even as a writer it sometimes feels daunting to say thank you without appearing to be insincere, and that coupled with being British makes it even harder.

So, with that in mind, please know this is said with genuine feeling:

Thank you so much for the overwhelming feedback. The messages, emails, contacts and PM’s have just been incredible and the support readers from all over the world are showing is off the chart. I cannot ever express how much it means.

I read every email and message but there are so many now that I just can’t reply to all of them. I do try, I really do but the publisher has deadlines so it means it’s not always possible. I feel awful about that and I am sorry if I haven’t written back.

Extracted did far better than we ever thought it would. Miles better. It was a long journey from the first draft to the book going out with a ton of ups and downs but blimey it was worth it. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, I get that and I’m cool with that. Not every book will please every reader, nor should it.

The other thing I wanted to say is a  huge welcome to the all the new readers of The Undead which has seen a big uptake since Extracted and Executed were released. The Undead is entirely self-published so please do forgive my copious amounts of errors and mistakes.

A lot of the emails and messages are asking about the next books in The Undead and Extracted and also when the next Undead audio are coming out.

The third book in the Extracted series has been written. It has to go through edits and stuff but as soon as I know any dates for release I’ll post and let you know. You can always sign up to my website and I’ll send an update from that if it helps, or find me on FB (rrhaywood).

There will be another Undead (22)  just as soon as I can get to writing it.

The next batch of Undead audio are in production with Audible now (narrated by Joe Jameson), including Blood on the Floor (narrated by Rachel Hine).

Day Eighteen audiodaynineteenaudioBlood-on-the-floor audio daytwentyaudio

Part 14, 15 and 16 will be released on 11th July.
Blood on the Floor will be released on 18th July.

Blood on the Floor can be enjoyed separately, or listen to it in between Part 15 and Part 16 if you are following the main series.

Thank you to everyone who took part in the time travel competitions on Facebook and on my site. The last winner has been chosen….

website winners

There were 24 entries on the last blog post. has chosen number 6 – Fiona Nicol! Well done. Drop me a line with your details and I’ll send you signed copies of Extracted and Executed.

Righto, well I’d better get back to it. Again thank you so very much for your kind words and messages, they give an enormous boost and mean more than you will ever know.

Take care

RR Haywood

34 thoughts on “Extracted #3, the next undead, audio books, winners and other stuff

  1. So happy for you Boss! Extracted deserves to be the big hit it is, It’s damn good reading. There’s no escaping that you’re a big hit now. A bit like Howie walking into the Fort innit? Head down, wondering why everyone is gaping at you? Get used to it, Mr. Richard.

  2. Well I took the plunge yesterday. Have loved the Undead series since it began and it’s kind of got me in a Zom poc hole.

    I downloaded Extracted weeks ago (maybe months) but hadn’t got myself round to starting it. To be honest I was a bit sceptical about investing in it after The Second Reality (what happened there???).

    Well I started the book last night and completed it in the wee hours. I simply could not put it down. Thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it.

    Thanks for getting me hooked an another series Boss.

  3. Congrats boss. As a audible kinda gal you made my day!! July 11….bloody perfect! I go back to work on July 10th !! Thanks Soo much for your continued writing. We are pack!!

  4. I hesitate to write, because I don’t want to take one second away from your writing, but I had to get it out! Thank you for the Extracted series. In addition to some of the best time travel SF, the characters are so well-written that I hope you keep Safa, Harry, and Ben going at least as long as “Undead” (and thanks for getting me hooked on another doggone series, BTW )!

  5. Wonderful news and updates!! I know July will be here before I know it, but it seems forever away, I need to know what happens to the lads!

    I purchased the PB’s of the 1st 2 Extracted for my 81 year Father for Father’s day. He has always loved sci fi and especially time travel and I hope he gets as much enjoyment from them as I did! I will let you know.

    Thanks so much for your wonderful writing! Zoe

  6. I am in LOVE with the Extracted series. I just finished Executed last night. I can’t wait for the third book. Thank you for writing such awesome books!

  7. You seem like a fucking awesome human being, not too mention an incredible author. I picked up the Undead series last year and have been hooked ever since. In fact, i FORCED myself to read books in between weeks 1, 2, and 3 (one of which happened to be extracted which I didn’t realize u til weeks later it was writing by your genius ass) just so I could extend the longevity of this amazing series and drag out my Living Army experience as long as possible. Unfortunately, I wrapped up Day 21 a few weeks ago and am saving the other Undead side stories for when I am in “withdrawal.” Basically, I just want to say thanks for providing me with such an incredible adventure to take me away from the stresses of reality. I am not ashamed to say that I am a recovering addict and your work has, oddly enough, helped in my recovery by occupying my mind and lifting my spirits by being able to dive in to this journey. From the bottom of my heart, I thank and applaud you and your incredible efforts. I seriously can’t wait for the next installment of the Undead and really appreciate the update. From the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, USA, I sincerely wish you the best in all aspects of your life.

  8. I just finished execution and it left me breathless! what an ending.
    both books are at the top of the list for me, The characters feel so real and the chemistry is so believable it is an amazing skill to be able to write like this! I don’t know how he does it.

    I have a few theories about miri lol she had me thinking a few times about her future? she knows too much lol
    harry madden is cool, awesome when mad harry is unleashed! ben ryder is clever bastard and safa is ….safa don’t fuck with safa .
    awesome read rich absolutely cant wait for number 3. thank you and all the best.

  9. I am an Audible member and go through probably half a dozen books a month. So I’ve racked up a few. And after only three or four I can’t even remember if I’ve read one or not (my daughter and I pass them back and forth, some I order, some she does). But I must say, Extracted is one of the best books I’ve ever read/listened to. In fact, probably among my top favorite books of all time. It is clever, witty and the characters are also some of my favorites. I broke into laughter several times at the banter between Safa, Ben and Harry. Especially Harry. Well done! Congratulations on your success and I can’t wait for #3! I have an extensive library of hard copies of my favorite books (electronics just isn’t the same-though the narrator was phenomenal!) and I will be sure to add this series to my collection!

  10. Just finished Executed – Loved it! I found Extracted a little hard to get into initially, but it grew and grew. Thanks so much for these two, can’t wait for the third.

  11. Just finished is he’d Executed. I am a loss for words other then to say I LOVE your work. I can’t wait for book three but guess that I’ll have to. This sees is my first exposure to your work and was thrilled to hear that you have a whole ‘nother series for me to discover. Best wishes and continued success.

  12. I really enjoyed both extracted and executed
    But Iim confused that I can’t seem to find any details of book 3. Is this in the making or a realese date?

  13. Finished both Extracted & Executed in a week, needless to say I am hooked and awaiting book 3! Any hints as to when we can expect release date? I’m hoping the adventures continue with the 4. Characters are brilliantly written and the story keeps me hungry for more. So thank you and please keep on with the series.

  14. Half way through Extracted 2 and am loving it. So pleased the next is in advanced stage … any idea of release date?

    Reckon I’m going to give The Unread a go too, though not a Zombie fan.

  15. Just finished Extracted on audio. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep the same gentleman to read the next in the series. He’s a genius! His attempts at American accents make me laugh (but in a really good way). He really made this series come alive for me.

  16. I’ve read the Extracted books a couple of times now and planning a third time very soon. I think they are brilliant. I would love to see them made into a movie.I think it would do fantastic at the box office

  17. I just had to leave a comment here for you Mr. Haywood to express my delight and gratitude for what IMO is one of the BEST zombie apocalypse series out there. The Undead series stands out and above a lot of other offerings in this genre out there. Especially in the New writers and self published section. It was such a joy to watch you grow as a writer as the series progressed and when you found your flow my oh my what a romp you lead me through! I’ve read p to day 20 and cannot wait to get my greedy lil hands on the last 3 that are available. Brilliant sir! Looking forward to giving Extracted a whirl, you can drag me willie nillie through any adventure you care to pen and the experience is sure to be a hoot!

  18. I’ve listened to the Extracted books a couple of times now and look forward to the third part. Superb story and very well read on Audible. I can see that it lends itself being turned into a major movie. Good luck and thank you.

  19. I have been a fan for awhile now at first audible then reading your new releases they are funny and fresh. Take it from a long time zombie movie fan and zombie game player. I have gotten my son to love your books as I do. Keep them coming.


  20. The ‘Extracted’ series is wonderfully written and narrated too. So looking forward to the third book. Nice to know there are still writers out there who not only know the craft of writing but also have extraordinary imaginations. A sincere thank you.

    Best, m

  21. I listen o The Undead, in my car on the way to work and from work to my home . i love the characters and the story and have had to slow down because of some of the punch lines and having tears in my eyes from the laughing.
    I cant wait for 17 and 18 to be release

  22. Just finished Extinct this week and just wanted to comment how great the series is. Are you going to continue with a 4th, and if so, how long to we have to wait!

  23. I’m a 67 year old grandmother and I have never read a better series than the undead. I’m am about to start book 24. I hate for it to end and be the last book.there is still so much life in the story it could go on. I have even got my daughter who is a45 and definitely not a zombie reader and she is hooked.thanks again , please don’t stop. By the way I live in Australia, so hi from down under

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