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Written by R R Haywood, January 20th, 2019

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Day One Characters

Howie. Night Manager, Tesco Boroughfare

Unnamed. General Manager Staff Mtg, Tesco

Paul. Prev Night Mgr Staff Mtg, Tesco

Unnamed. Cashier Mgr Staff Mtg, Tesco

Steve. Home Delivery Mgr Staff Mtg, Tesco

Bert. Night Security Guard Tesco

Dave. Night Shelf Stacker Tesco

Sarah. Howie’s Sister Howie’s thoughts

Fat Bloke. Someone he met Pizza Restaurant

Unnamed. Old Man in PJ’s Neighbour In the Street

Unnamed. Thickset Man in Boxer Shorts Neighbour In the Street

Unnamed. Wife of Thickset Man Neighbour In the Street

Simon & Laura Downstairs Neighbour Below Howie’s Flat

Unnamed. Man in Armoured Vehicle Distracts the Undead Outside Howie’s Flat

Unnamed. The woman in Car Wreck Howie tried to save her On way to Howie’s Parents House

Unnamed. Asian Family Own the Mini Supermarket Howie’s Parent’s Village

Howard. Howie’s Dad Howie’s thoughts

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