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Written by R R Haywood, April 5th, 2020

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A Town Called Discovery. A new book that isn’t a new book…

Well hello you super gorgeous peeps,

I have a new book coming out – A Town Called Discovery. Which is super exciting. Except it’s not really a new book.

Let me explain.

About three years ago I had just finished writing Extinct, the third book in the Extracted series. I had just done some quite heavy Undead books too. I mean heavy in the sense of emotive writing.

I needed a break from that style and so I set about writing something new. Which later became A Town Called Discovery. It’s a time travel story, but not like Extracted. I mean, it’s still in my style, but it’s faster and good fun. I had a blast writing it too.

Sadly, however, I wasn’t working with the right person at that time and the book got lost in edits to the extent I eventually shelved it and went back to writing more Undead.

Audible then approached me about an exclusive Audible Original Deal and I set about writing The Worldship Humility. Audible loved it and signed me for a three-book deal (advanced bragging alert) which apparently, was one of the first of its kind given to a UK author. Woohooo! (End of bragging alert).

The WSH was then produced and narrated by the fantastic Colin Morgan. The sales were brilliant. The feedback was awesome. Double Woohooo!

I then went back and wrote The Undead 24, (Audio part 20) – and that’s a big book. It’s over 180,000 words and has some huge storylines going on.

After that was straight into the 2nd WSH book. Which is now finished. Again, that is another huge book with a lot of moving parts and some big storylines.

Aaaaaannnnnd then the Coronavirus struck, and the world has stopped turning for a bit.

That means The WSH book 2 cannot be produced or narrated right now, which, in the grand scheme of things, is a teeny tiny issue and doesn’t compare to the staggering levels of suffering being endured by so many. But it does mean the book will be delayed, and right now, we just don’t know how long that will be for.

I was then chatting to my friend about books and I remembered THAT BOOK THAT I DID WRITE AGES AGO. And I thought, with much thinking, that I’d dig it out and blow the cobwebs of it. Which isn’t actually true cos it was just a file on my computer. Whatever. Stop nitpicking you nitpickerer.

Anywho. I gave it a read and thought actually, this isn’t too bad. I sent it to my pre-reading buddy Phil. Phil read it and said yeah, it’s good fun. Get it out! It’s a lovely distraction with all this stuff going on. A couple of other people then said the same thing as Phil.

OOOOH. Shiver me timbers. I thought f*ck it. Why the devil not! I shall release it forthwith into the world, and even if it gives just a few people a nice break while they are cooped up at home then great. Job Done.

But why the f*ckery f*ck am I gabbling on about all of this? Ah, you see, my naughty little sausages, I didn’t want you thinking I’d given up on any other of my other books and just did sumfin new.

A Town Called Discovery was written 3 years ago. I’m only releasing it now because it’s the right time to pop it out with all this nasty googoo going on.

The WSH book 2 is done and finished. But we can’t produce it.

The Undead is still going on. It has not ended. I will write more, but it is a big series and it needs thought. Don’t get me wrong. I love writing huge stories. But it takes time and a huge level of focus. Which is cool and although I do it willingly, I cannot just write back to back Undead books. That’s not healthy.

I also need to live. And eat. And you know, sleep and stuff. I’ve also lost a relative this week that was very dear to me when I was younger. We can’t go and grieve or visit. We’re all stuck at home and coping the best way we know how.

I love all my readers. I super do. Super duper and I’ll write as fast as I can. I promise you I will.

I’m going now. For a cup of tea and a slice of the flapjack I made yesterday THAT HAS SOOOOOO MUCH SUGAR IN IT.

A Town Called Discovery will be out next week. I’ll post when it’s loaded up and ready.

Much love to all. Stay safe. Stay inside. Drink Coffee. Eat Flapjack. Save the World.

Rich x



52 thoughts on “A Town Called Discovery. A new book that isn’t a new book…

    1. So I just read A town called Discovery and absolutely loved it. I’m a huge fan of the Extraction series. I’ve listened to all 3 books twice on audible and it’s number two on my all time time travel books (Replay is number one and that’s hard to beat). I’m so glad you brought back Carl Prekopp for this book. I hope you continue this series and I’ll be watching for a sequel. Think this could take the number one spot. Cheers.

  1. What a fantastic blog, firstly sorry for your loss, it’s hard times for lots of people. Great news on the new book but not a book thingy. So looking forward to another, no doubt, fantastic read. I love time travel stories. Thanks for all your hard work boss, it’s really appreciated. Stay safe stay home. Enjoy the fallback.

    1. So sorry about losing your loved one. That’s even harder in times like this. Know that you are loved and thought of by thousands you have never met, but whose lives you touch daily.
      So glad to hear that you have a book coming out…something to look forward to!

      1. Loved A town called discovery.
        When is the next installment coming out? ( it’s not like you’ve got any other books to write!!)
        Can’t wait.
        And thankyou for all your books , super fab.

    2. So sorry to hear of your loss. Sending much love.
      Looking forward to the new/not new thingy.
      Take Care of yourself, though. Remember to secure your own oxygen mask before attempting to assist others.
      Big loves from Oz.

  2. Thank you so much for thinking about us lot at this crazy time. I am so looking forward to any of your offerings as I am completely hooked on your work and ideas. I am currently on the 2nd listening of The Undead as I am whiling away the hours in the kitchen, cooking and love it so much!! Your sense of humour and realism really resonates and I actually find myself belly laughing!! So from the bottom of my heart, thank you. Sorry for the loss of your loved one. please take care of you and yours xx p.s. where the hell did you get your sugar for the flapjacks? We can’t get nada!!

    1. Like most of us I’m mainly stuck at home these days so this is such a welcome diversion. Thank you so much.
      Keep well

  3. What a sad time for you and your family. It is a desperate situation for many. Sending love,hugs and prayers for you and your family. Thank you for your writing- you keep me going and make me laugh when times are tough. Looking forward to this next read. Take care, stay safe x

  4. Richard, I’m so sorry for your loss. There’s never a good time to lose someone, but this is probably the worst. I’m in the same boat.

    However, your news has lifted me somewhat. Just knowing there’s another WSH on the way at some point is brilliant. That could never have been a stand-alone story. Looking forward to a bit of time travel soon.


  5. Sorry for the fact you lost a loved one xxx

    And thanks for releasing this new work

    I haven’t read a book ( being a bad audible only lazy girl !) BUT I will make an exception in this exceptional time and read this on as I can’t wait for a fix of your work

  6. So sorry for your loss. It is very hard when you cannot give and receive comfort from those who are grieving.

    Looking forward to it, it sounds like it will be amazing and I adore your books. I know it is not possible at the moment but will it ever be on Audible? Please, please pretty please.

  7. So sorry to hear about the loss in your family. I wish you all peace in this difficult time.

    Sad to hear about the delays with the 2nd Worldship book, but what can we do but wait it out patiently?

    Looking forward to hearing more about this new one! ❤

  8. I am so sorry for your loss. Sending virtual hugs.
    Very excited to read your newest. It is wonderful that you continue to entertain us even at a sad time.
    Can’t help putting in a plea for another in the Extracted universe. Those characters are like family to me.
    Stay safe and healthy.

  9. I am very sorry that you have lost someone you love and cannot even gather together with others who mourn. What a hard thing. I can understand why writing back-to-back Undead novels would not be healthy for you. It’s the emotion you pour into them that make them so wonderful, and that emotion – once poured out – needs time to be replenished. Stay safe and well! And thank you offering up something new for us to enjoy.

  10. Can’t wait for the new (old) book. Thank you for all your hard work, and your brilliant mind. We all love ya boss!

  11. I am excited about being able to read something new and completely different. I’m quite sure it will be a welcome change. I will be able to read it right? Audible doesn’t slip into my imagination.

    I am sorry for your loss. I remember when my ‘great’ uncle Freddy died. He was my grandfather’s brother. From the time I was born he would give me huge stuffed animals. He was a constant presence in my life. Your blog took me on a trip down memory lane. Thank you

    Your blogs are brilliant. They always bring a smile to my face.

    Take care and stay well

  12. You’re very patient with your avid (if not rabid) fans, it’s sweet of you to take the time to reassure us of your dedication to our various beloved series updates. Keep doing whatever you need to do to stay happy, healthy and sane.

  13. Sending my sympathies for the loss of your loved one, it’s horrible at the best of times and these are not the best of times so virtual hugs to you.
    Hugs to the house wolves too.

  14. Love the blog and can’t wait for the new book!! Sorry for your loss and that you and your family can’t get together and grieve in the proper way at the moment, sometimes people forget authors/actors/singers etc have families too and are going through this in the same way we all are. Stay strong and keep going what you do, your blogs are fab 🙂

  15. As always the sense of anticipation at hearing you have new content is growing. With what’s going on at the moment with the virus I cannot imagine how you will craft this into a future storylines but I know it will be awesome. Thanks for explanation of new, not new book. Sorry for your loss boss man – stay safe in the cave

  16. First I want to send my condolences on your loss. I hate the fact that we can’t go see the ones we love or grieve with Family when someone is lost. I send my best to you and the family

    I will read anything you put out. I love your voice! I love your characters. CAnt wait wait for ATCD
    I am also looking forward to WSH2. That’s OK that its delayed. It just ups the anticipation.
    At the end of your post you updated where you are at with UNDEAD, and WSH2.
    I was wondering is the EXTRACTED series going to continue as well? I still have so many questions…..

  17. Thank you for releasing this book at such a difficult time. I’ve just finished reading Undead 24 (for the second time) but am looking forward to Undead 25 when you feel you are ready.

    I’ve read all your books now and have loved every one of them.

    Stay inside, stay safe and cuddle a dog. x

  18. First, I’m sorry for your loss and your inability to mourn together with family. That truly sucks.
    Second, I’m so excited to read your book ATCD! I will buy it as soon as I finish writing you now! I love everything you write!
    Third, I look forward to WSH2. One was super!!
    Fourth, I still love the Extraction Series! It’s my favorite book/series ever! I’ve listened to it and read it an embarrassing number of times!
    With that being said, I appreciate your writing!!

  19. You have a way with words and I believe there are some out there that are just natural story tellers, and one of them is you.
    I still haven’t read all your books yet, I admit to not being a zombie fan, so I lucked out there, but who knows I may pick it up, because YOU wrote it.
    Your extracted series lives with me still and I continue to tell people to read it whenever the subject of reading comes up!
    I am looking forward to reading A town called Discovery; it is the next on my reading list!
    Take care in these troubled times, and gather your friends and family around you (virtually) and remember your lost, loved family member with love and fond memories.
    There will be so much sadness and loss coming out of this, but I hope also positive changes.
    Keep doing what you love and counteract sugar highs with strong coffee!!

  20. Fantastic read – I have no idea how you manage to pull it out the bag every. Single. Time! But I’m so grateful that you do x I love touring your imagination. Your style of writing is genuinely second to none.

  21. Firstly, I’m truly sorry for your loss.
    ATCD was truly amazing and even better than the extracted series which was no mean feat!.
    I eagerly await a second to answer the many questions I have been left with after finishing the first. Every book of yours I have ever read has gripped me from the start and has never dissapointed.
    Keep up the amazing writing (and please please please consider a second ATCD).

  22. Finished this in one sitting – amazing, loved it! A very welcome escape from a really crap few months, thank you so much! Off to read some more of your books now, I’m hooked!

  23. Hello, from the US (crazy town). I’m a 49 yr. old, mother of 2 who is blind and looks forward to listening to books. Audible is hard to navigate sometimes, so my husband usually offers suggestions. He introduced me to the Undead, though I’m not typically into zombie movies, etc. I want to thank you for sharing your talent with us. I used to be sighted and can visualize very well what you are describing. Once i started the series, i couldn’t stop and I’m going back for a 2nd run. I also like Extracted, but really enjoyed WS. Thanks for all your hard work and can’t wait for more.

  24. Late to the party, but just finished Town Called Discovery, and loved it! Great fun, refreshingly different, and now I would like the sequel now please. Or, you know, not RIGHT now, you can eat something first, or whatever.

  25. I absolutely loved this book! I would love to know whether you plan on doing a sequel or two, or if this is it?
    I am an audible listener as I drive a lorry for a living – and have loved this and the extracted series. Going to start the Worldship now!

  26. Okay so I’ve finished ATC Discovery and I need more. More Bear, more Roshi, more everyone. It’s awesomely fab – please more more MORE!

  27. Just finished a town called discovery and I’m obsessed!!! I would totally read more of these characters. This is the first book I’ve read of yours. Now onto reading the Extracted series 🙂

  28. I simply adore RR Haywoods style and humour. The Extracted series were so much fun to read.. and A Town Called Discovery had me laughing too. I cannot wait for the sequel.

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