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R R Haywood

Written by R R Haywood, December 25th, 2021

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2021. Let’s Purge.

Well now. Schnitzel my turkey bratwurst, Rudolph, and pop the top from a can of pop cos it must be the festive yuletide season once more.
Not that Christmas is any better, or worse, or has more importance, or less, than any other religious or non-religious, or binary, or non-binary – period of celebration, or non-celebration.
Whatever. Go sit in a dark room and twat your twitter with more cancelation labels.
Don’t joke.
Don’t even smile.
They’ll hunt you down. The thought police. The laughter police. The secret po-po that shall descend in their masses to denounce your very soul as evil for daring to snort a snort of merriment at sumfin that just ain’t allowed to be funny no more – which, ironically, is more policing than the actual police do.
Cos unless you have actual video evidence then it’s not a crime.
The police told me that.

A bad man attacked my disabled GSD Bear in his wheelchair.
Then a week later the bad man tried to punch me in the head… at 6am on the beach. I have photographs of him doing it. Then a week later he tried to do it again. Then he spent every morning of the next few weeks waiting for me to come along so he could do it all again.
All of which, apparently, are not signs of a seriously f*cked up individual that is gonna stab someone.
Not at all.
Cos the police said so.


We can rob some grannies – they’re old, they don’t know how to use smart phones. Or we could burgle some churches – they’re too broke to instal CCTV.
We can do anything – cos Hampshire Constabulary Resolution Crime Unit said… And I quote… without video evidence there is nothing we can do.
Which is totes different to how I used to police during my 22 year career. When we’d take a statement from the tax-paying, law-abiding, former police officer with multiple commendations and not one single upheld complaint and now a successful author (and who has no reason whatsoever to lie) – about the non-working, heavy drinking, multiple-previous-convictions man that is super well-known for attacking strangers and, oooh, you know gather some evidence, interview the guy under caution, and then present the findings to the CPS to see if it passes the threshold of being in the public interest to prosecute…

But nope. Why do that when you can just tell those law-abiding, hard-working citizens to fuck off and keep paying their tax.
I even emailed my MP, Bob Seely. I’ve never emailed an MP before.
He didn’t reply.

That wasn’t very festive, was it?
Okay. Let’s start over.

Soooo, Happy Festive Holidays! It’s been a grand old year, hasn’t it. Oh how we rejoiced at the two lots of Isle of Wight builders that took money and didn’t do the work.

One of whom threatened to smash his way into my house and beat us all up – and then proceeded to contact people I knew to continue the threatening behaviour, Cos, you know, we’d dared asked for the thousands of pounds back that he’d taken and not done any work at all.

But hey. The police were on it! My gosh. We felt so safe when they emailed and said…. without video evidence there is nothing we can do.

Darn it! What rotten luck the offender wouldn’t just hang on a sec and let someone unlock their phone and start recording.

Ah well… ooh, but you know what that means, right?


But seriously. 2021 can go blow a goat. I got ripped off. Assaulted. Threatened, and my gorgeous GSD girl Milka died. Meredith in the Undead was based on her. It broke my heart. It broke all of our hearts.
Then Bear, her son, had a limp. We took him into the vets for an X-ray. During which he slipped a disc and couldn’t walk after. He hasn’t walked since.
The vet said fuck it, these things happen.
I know bad things happen. But dude. Show some empathy.
Two MRI’s and multiple trips to a specialist centre later and he went in for spinal surgery.
He’s recovering now. He still can’t walk. He’ll probably never walk again. But he’s happy and he can get out in his wheelchair – when he’s not being attacked by bad men and their bad dogs during THE PURGE.

And there’s been that pandemic.
That pandemic.
Plus, of course, the toxic politics of our own and every other country saturating our news. Lies. Mistrust. Deceit.
Wear a mask. Don’t wear a mask.
Lockdown. Don’t lockdown.
Stick a needle up your arse every Wednesday to boost the profits of big pharma so you can stay vaccinated, cos you will literally die the worst most painful death if you even think about not getting jabbed.
Who do you believe?
Who should you believe?

Everyone I know is suffering from mental health. Depression. Anxiety. Stress. Isolation. Confusion. People can’t get to see their doctors. The police don’t respond. Taxes are going up.
There’s hatred in every direction and at every turn.Trans. LGBT. Black Lives Matter. Jews. Muslims. Christians. Left wing. Right wing.
I thought it was cool that statues of old slavers were taken down. How is that a good thing to have statues of people that did that? The world rejoiced when Saddam Hussein’s statues were ripped down. The world rejoiced when the Berlin wall came down. Both were symbols of hatred and oppression.

I thought it was awful that those 27 immigrants died in the English Channel. Some of them were children. Tiny kids freezing in a shitty little boat and those poor sods called the British and French coastguards and got told to fuck off and phone the other country for help.
What the shit.
And the politicians all said thoughts and prayers but did nothing to stop it happening again.
I thought that was wrong, as so many of us did.

But apparently, it was wrong to have that view, and it’s wrong to have any view that differs from anyone else.
So what do we do? Those of us that have those views?
We go quiet and we have no view at all.
But that’s not true. Because we do have views. We all do. And for the most part, us hard-working people sit in the middle and see things through the lens of kindness and decency. We don’t like labels. We don’t like titles.
We’re able to think that all lives matter, while at the same time as not being racist and while still recognising that people of colour in the UK and the US have suffered terribly, and still do.
The other thing is there are more of us than any of those shouters because we are the unseen masses who get up and work and pay taxes because we know it’s right to do that. There are millions of us. Tens of millions.
And when those masses people don’t get the health, or the policing, or the help they have paid for, when they see constant injustice, and greed, and suffering to the extreme then they rise up and countries implode.
You don’t think that’s happening?
There’s been more riots in developed countries in 2021 than ever before.
It is happening.


Seriously, 2021 can kiss my arse.
2021 is the worst fucking year ever.


Although Milka died in my arms, which was heart-breaking, life is finite and it’s how we live that matters. And Milka lived well. She ate good food and had good walks and she grew old with her sons around her, and at the end, she lay down in my arms while I told her how I much I loved her.

And Bear – despite the narcissistic vet – has had one hell of an adventure and he’s still smiling. He doesn’t give a shit about his back legs not working. Whatever. Get over it. Strap me in the chair baldy and let’s go!”

And as for those builders that ripped me off? One of them is an alcoholic with some serious issues. His life is shit and far worse than mine, and as for the other guy, the threatening guy. His life is even worse. He’s a walking shambles of a human being who stood in front of me and had every opportunity to fight, but he bottled it and instead gobbed off to everyone else with a good old hold me back! I’ll do it. I will. I really will. Any minute now and I’ll do it…
He’s a bully and a coward and he’ll lose in court. The system is a shambles, but I won’t let that go.

As for the dude on the beach. The dangerous one. I spent 22 years policing public order to an advanced level. I’ve done the right thing and walked away and sought help from the authorities, but with no help forthcoming I have the lawful right to defend myself… and that new rule the police have…

If We Don’t See It Then It Didn’t Happen

That works both ways.
We are the masses.
The quiet people.
But when we rise, whole countries implode.

These are dark times, that’s for sure. And I’m sorry this hasn’t been the most positive of messages, but within this last awful year, there has been some golden moments, and in a way, it’s taught me what, and who, are important.
I’ve made some awesome friends and met some great people, from the guys at the specialist centre that cared for Bear, to the ferry people that kept getting me and Bear on the Red Funnel boats when he needed treatment, to the super lovey builders that rushed in to help and recover the shit work the other twats messed up.

And, of course, there is this bundle of love and happiness too.

deli xmas blog 2021

This is Deli.

She came into my life just after Milka passed. A bundle of positivity and joy we all needed. It sounds trite, but she taught us all to smile again and got that energy growing in the right way.

montage blog 2021

See. There are good things happening!
Even in the middle of all this shit.

Merry Christmas and Much love!

RR Haywood

*I’m working on The Code book 3 right now. After that I need to edit the new story I’ve written which has been bought by Audible UK and will hopefully be out in 2022. Then there will be more new material, and, of course, another episode of The Undead!

43 thoughts on “2021. Let’s Purge.

  1. How you put my thoughts into words is scary!
    Wishing you all the best for 2022.
    2021 will be in the past soon and so nothing can be changed but we look to the new year with new hopes and dreams.
    As always your books are totally out of this world and I am forever grateful for the opportunity to lose myself in them when shitty times are happening.
    Chin up chap and all the best
    Much love
    Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year

    1. Well you wrote book 24 and that made a lot of people happy. sorry 2021 was such a shitty year for you… as it was for a lot of folk so as we stroll into 2021 head up shoulders back an shout “fuck it” a new chapter begins hopefully better than the last All the very Best to you an yours for 2022 xx
      ps waiting very impatiently for book 25 had to start reading them again currently on book 7

  2. Totally agree ,2021 was absolute balls ! One of the things that helped me get through the perpetual shit was escaping into your books and characters ! You write like no other author I have come across before ,fucking love your work !

    1. Beat wishes to you and yours and truly heartfelt sympathy for the passing of Milka.
      I can’t wait for the next instalment of The Undead, The Heat was truly amazing.
      Here’s hoping that 2022 brings joy to all, or at the very least a bit of a stall along our path to the big red self destruct button.
      Life is always better when shared with four paws, or multiples thereof.

      1. Here’s to 2022, lots to look forward too.

        Sorry about your dogs and the arse holes in this world. Although I’m not taking responsibility for them but the sentiment is there.

        Peace Mr Haywood to you and yours.

  3. Never let the bastards grind you down!

    Onward and upward with all the people and animals that love you
    Merry Christmas and roll on 2022

    1. What has happened to policing in this country?? Seriously didn’t we used to actually investigate stuff??
      Anyhow, sorry to hear about Milka but bless Deli and Bear.
      And yes roll on 2022
      As for numbnuts on the beach – yup, karma’s a bitch

  4. I read that with tears in my eyes, how could anyone do that to poor Bear? What sort of monster attacks a disabled dog?
    Like Lorna above said, you have a knack of putting into words what a lot of us think. I sort of hoped that it wasn’t as bad out there, that it’s just me being a depressed, miserable git. But I have a sneaking suspicion that while I am sometimes a depressed and miserable git, that it really is that bad – that people really would rather growl ‘who you f’ing looking at?’ instead of smile back or say hello.
    I’m sorry to mention your (far inferior ) competition even though it’s still a bloody good film, but the Rage virus is alive and well, just without the red eyes and the biting.
    You’re right, it does feel very dark in the world right now but my Christmas is hopefully going to be some very nice food, a fire blazing away in the log burner, a half decent film to watch and a sofa to curl up on with my two German Sheps. That’s my idea of perfect, the little things and time spent with the right people and dogs.
    I hope that, despite all the bad stuff that’s happened, you get to enjoy whatever your idea of a perfect Christmas is. Shut the rest of the world out and recharge your batteries and your soul, dogs are perfect for that I reckon, so from a sofa in N. Yorkshire, Merry Christmas to you and yours ❤️

  5. Perfectly stated. It was realised a long time ago that, as soon as the police lose the trust of the “middle class” society is in grave danger.
    Our current politicians are too complacent/idle to take this on board.
    There has to be a way to get senior police to take this seriously and tell the extreme PC brigade to do one so they can, once again, support the sober, decent, honest majority properly.

  6. Rich,
    I can SO relate to what you have written here, and will gladly put 2021 in the past. I too am discouraged by the anger and aggression shown by so many people, often for no legitimate reason. A difference in beliefs, be it political, religious, lifestyle, or something else, shouldn’t result in violent words and actions, but that has become so prevalent I don’t want to be around people much any more.
    I can reiterate what Martyn said, though: your books have provided a wonderful escape from the trials of our world today, and a reminder that we can still be strong when faced with hard times. You show us the inner workings of people in your characters, both the good and the bad.
    When you feel low, look at your pups and see the devotion in their eyes. And, remember how many lives you have, and continue to touch with your writing. I am one of the many people who have only “met” you through your books, and admire you greatly. Have a wonderful holiday and stay strong!

  7. I’m so sorry you’ve had to go through all that this year, you must be so exhausted.
    I hope those criminals who’ve treated you so badly, especially the man (and I use the term in its loosest meaning) who attacked poor Bear and then you, get their due karma. If I ever bump into him while walking my two dogs, he will know about it.

    On a personal note, thank you so much for all your books, they have given me such pleasure in tough times over the last year, I’ve honestly devoured them! The characters have become ‘friends’ and I can’t wait to meet them in future adventures.
    I wish and your family much love and the very best wishes for 2022. Sincerely, thank you again. Hugs, T xx

  8. I so badly wish I could say something to help you feel better and give you the same joy you’ve given me this year with all of your incredible books.

    All I can suggest, as I’ve said before, is that we send Dave out to fuckwits and see what they think then.

    Having said that, I do realise he’s fictional, and also that I own many baseball bats and pick axe handles and motorcycle chains and I have a “can-do” attitude, so if you want any backup at any time, we got your back.

    Thank you so much for writing. Your books have given me weeks of joy and wonder, and you’ve made my 2021 a damn sight better than it would have been otherwise.

    Thank you!

  9. My wife, daughter and I love your books and audiobooks. Your work has meaning and I’m sorry to hear about the stresses you’ve faced in 2021. Allbest in 22. Canada with love.

  10. I hope Deli and Bear can help fill the void that is left when we loose a fury family member. My wife and I lost our GSD of 17 years in November. It is amazing how much love and joy they bring to us, especially in the above described F&$%*@ up world. They will never ever be replaced, but the company of a new fury friend lessons the blow and reminds us that there is still joy to come with moving forward.

    Merry Christmas and here is to a better 2022.

  11. ‘Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end’—Unknown

    Life will get better! After such a horrible year, it has to…

  12. Mr. Haywood, you are a most refreshingly honest and straightforward person, one of those rare people who sees the world and tells it like it is, and not in the way that bullies use as an excuse to say mean things to people completely unnecessarily (“I’m just being honest” “”I’m just straight up, that’s how I am…”
    but in the way that eloquently puts into words what the rest of us are thinking. And I want to thank you for that, because you are so correct that there are so many of us yet we are made invisible by the shouters and accusers and those who are intent on finding offense where none is intended.

    But life is a pendulum and we swing back and forth from the unbearable extremes, barely notice when we fly past the balanced center to the opposite, just as unbearable extreme. It sucks because at any given moment we don’t know whether we’re en route back to the middle or still barreling to more extreme and more unbearable states, so it’s great to hear views from people we may not know but definitely admire because we’ve laughed and cried and cheered and booed our way through the words they write. Your words are a gift, be they dark or funny or just matter of fact, because when those of us that do go on, quietly living our lives, trying to be better today than yesterday, start to feel isolated among the shouters and instigators and sheeple and wonder how our great countries were brought so low, it’s great to be reminded we are not alone. So thank you for that. Thank you for pointing out the futility of the processes nominated, seconded, and passed in Meetings which intended to find real solutions but are made satirical by irrelevant minutae because the problems meant to be addresses are complex and difficult and untidy and they can’t be properly addressed without being a bit ruthless. Which everyone seems to be afraid of these days, since being ruthless and direct (even when you’re right) can be turned against you by the PC police (who love their jobs and do it way better than the real police despite consisting entirely of eager, self-assigned volunteers). So they skirt the real issues hoping not to have to make the hard choices, or that someone else will, never realizing that not making a decision means that one is made for you, and everything gets darker.

    I can see how easily it goes dark, Mr. Haywood, as I merely meant to thank you for a job very well done. Your books (all of them) have been extremely entertaining and your story is so captivating and so clearly written and believable makes it seem possible that the good can win against unbeatable odds. I sure hope it doesn’t take a “living challenged” apocalypse to start the uprising of good against mediocrity and incompetence.

    Meanwhile, keep writing, don’t let the witless lemmings get you down, because your books and the characters in them are such a pleasure to get to know, this must be your true calling. Whatever path your life brought you to this and to who you are today. In my view–and I don’t know you, maybe you’re a twat, but how could a twat ever understand the nuance you put forth?–anyway, in my view, you’re alright. Keep writing as long as it makes you happy [I says with full confidence that Dave and the team won’t let you stop prematurely, amiright?]

    Above all thank you, not just for the books, but for the starkly honest and needing-to-be-said comments in your blog and such. There’s plenty of interesting writing on these subjects by very intelligent and very philosophical experts in their fields, but do any of them manage to get the point across WHILE being supremely entertaining AND managing to never sound like you’re standing on a soap box. Not a one among them!
    Thank you!

    1. They try to divide us but all the good people we have in this country must stick together because we are stronger together. It’s great that you are not afraid to use your platform to call out those who try to take advantage of the fair and reasonable members of our society. Best wishes to you and yours.

  13. Like everyone else who has commented I’m so sorry for the crappy things that have happened to you this year. Losing Milka must have been devastating. Good on Bear for just getting on with things! What a trooper.

    You provide a bright light for your readers in a sometimes/often dark and confusing world.
    I’ve laughed and cried and laughed again so many times reading your books.

    Loved seeing the photos of your gorgeous pooches, thanks for sharing.

    Have a safe and happy Christmas and New Year with lots of love from NZ x

  14. Rich, it’s no different here in the states. NOTHING, NOTHING MAKES SENSE ANYMORE. I’m not going to give you props on your books as you have such dedicated and loyal readers from the threads above. I will say this, you’re not alone. Anything that happens in one’s life has happened to others including myself. I look at the beginning of each year as if stepping in dog poo (no dog in particular by the way) and hoping that others walking down the same pavement behind me avoids my mistakes and comes through without having to clean off their shoes at the end of each year. Finish your walk down shit street, wipe your feet and start off the next year with a clean block in front of you. Take care, time will let you forget the frustrations that you’re now feeling but sure will not forget.

  15. The attitude of your local police is horrible and hopefully it doesn’t take a major incident too shine a light on their lack of action. Just know we all appreciate you, your work and devotion to your family and avid readers. I wish the very best for you in 2022.

  16. That post form Mr Haywood is exactly what so many, I would suggest the majority of, the people in this country are thinking every day. I can’t disagree with a single word of it but things have to change and hopefully they will but I’m afraid I won’t suggest holding your breath until they do!
    Almost as an aside we too lost a much loved dog this year, and also rather like you, a new one just pretty much turned up (Greyhounds in our case but that matters not a jot) so on that too I sympathise, more than I can easily put into words.
    You are my current favourite author but more than that you are also a damned decent human being!

  17. Yup.
    But then there’s hot buttery toast, snorking at bum jokes, fresh towels, good coffee and planting a smacker on someone/thing you love.
    Oh and twigs. I like twigs. Mainly for their bold twigness in the face of adversity.

    Have a good one Rich x

  18. Reading your blog has made me realize just how much you & your family went through this year Boss and yet we still got fantastic reading from you that helped us through hard times too, another puppy was exactly right for you, she and bear have helped you through, bless you and thank you for been a strong & authentic man x

  19. first and formost, Thank you,sincerely, for all your hard work and dedication to your writing and your fans.
    These are weird times, I often console myself that atleast we dont have it as bad as Howie and the gang and amuse myself by thinking that with each mandotory needle the government sticks in us,
    we might just be getting alittle bit closer to a similar reality. “here’s to hoping that my imagination stays just that”.

    it is appalling to hear about how little assistance you got from your local PD,
    although i suppose at the same time i understand it, I believe they have been manipulated so often by some sad ignorant people that precedence has been set and new procedures have been put in place, so even if a single police officer belives you and wants to help.
    His hand may be tied up with so much red tape that he is essentially useless and personally i dont envy him in that position… if that is true that is.
    Just my personal speculations. i dislike assuming the worst of somone cause i belive we are all at heart pretty decent.
    having said that though, each needle they put in me has made me sick and i am very reluctent to go for the next one. yet limitations are being put in place for those that dont get vaccinated.
    damned if you do, damned if you dont.
    weird times.
    im begining to ramble so ill start to close it, im really sorry to hear about Milka, it is hard to lose somone you depend on being there, taking care of you and you of them, Meredith lives on in the memory of thousands of fans and as for myself i love the times she enters the pages and especially when read from her point of view.
    stay strong, stay safe, keep on being legend.

  20. Holy shit dude what an awesome rant – you should be a writer!

    Lost my collie Bertie this year, I still have the rest of my pack, but he was a special one and reading your blog gave my heart a little stab on Christmas day.

    2022 has just got to be better hasn’t it?

  21. 2021 has been a horrible year. I lost my dog Mason in January , my husband in April, my cat Fred in July, in June Dexter was diagnosed with a chronic slipped disc and may require surgery. At the moment he’s on antibiotics for 5 months and having hydrotherapy which seems to be helping. Poppy who is 15 has glaucoma and is having her eye removed on the 29th December. Due to her age I’m terrified she won’t make it through the operation. I’m trying to stay positive.
    Talking of positives. I’ve fostered many cats that have gone on to good homes, and a chihuahua that ended up staying. My next door neighbour has given me a job with her dog walking company so I get to walk lots of lovley dogs. I’m getting better at canicross and my fitness levels are going up

    Here’s to a happier 2022

  22. Sending tonnes of virtual love. I echo a sentiment someone else posted – your writing helped me through a tough year and we are so grateful for you continuing to give us that despite what you’ve been going through. I hope you have an author you can read to escape too!

  23. Thank you for all that you did that made a shit year a little brighter for all of your fans. I hope in 2022 you discover something new that brings you joy. Your books and posts let everyone know that no matter where we live we are all going through this same tough times. I can not tell you how much your books have provided a much needed escape portal from the reality that we live in.

  24. Your post mirrors my thoughts of society today. I do stand up and defend people, especially the trans community because I am transgender. How trans women are treated is despicable. All too often you are a lone voice against many and they don’t wear you down because they are right, they wear you down because they are bullies. They descend like wolves and I see it over and over. Is it such a hard concept to be able to let people live their best lives happy in the knowledge that they can be themselves without hatred, something taken for granted all too often by the wolves. Sadly it seems yes it is too much to ask for.
    I hope 2022 is a better year for all and for peace for those who never get to experience it. ☮️

  25. Thank you. Your writing has been a shining light through what we all can agree has been an utterly shite year+.
    Really gutted to hear about the passing of Milka, if Meredith is based on her then she clearly must have been the bestest girl. It sounds like she had all a doggo could ask for in life, with a brilliant family around her.
    Please make sure there is no video recording equipment around next time you and Bear are attacked so you can defend yourselves. I was repeatedly attacked by 2 Boxer dogs when I was walking my Huskies. The owner thought it was hilarious to let them run wild and terrorise other dog walkers. I and others have complained to the police and followed the rules but nothing changed. One day they attacked my wife and dogs outside the back garden, the owner was there, giving her abuse as she was fighting his dogs off. Camera or no camera, that guy now knows what will happen if he pulls the same shit again. I’m not proud but the line was drawn and we had no choice but to defend ourselves and our wallets from more vets bills to patch our dogs up. Sometimes these morons only respect this kind of action, it sucks to be brought down to that level.
    So glad to hear good things are happening for you man, it’s heartening to see there are decent people still out there.
    Here’s to a better year, if that means we gotta rise up then bollox to it, let’s get it on, let the quiet, decent tax paying hoards find a voice at last.

  26. Rich, i read this and cried. It bought back all my memories i had with builders that nearly gave me a nervous breakdown and my cats dying in the same year. Im so glad you have a ray of sunshine now to make you smile and the work has got finished on your house. Chin up and kick the bastard in the nuts next time you see him!!!

  27. Rich,

    Here’s hoping that Milka will be waiting for you for a long time at the rainbow bridge. You have given us so much with your books and I can’t wait to read the next one. May all thoughts turn to happiness and light and may you and yours be truly blessed.

  28. Mate, in 2020 I lost my dog of 12 years, so for me 2020 was a shit year… and I relate to what you wrote.. 2021 was miles better we got a new idiot dog (he is an idiot but he is our idiot). Things get better, and it’s cool to let of steam mate. Your books are awesome by the way

  29. Hey Rich, I’m so sorry it was such a shit year for you, losing any member of the family is awful, so I completely understand how affecting the loss of Milka must be. I hope you get some solace from the fact that your books give me and many others a huge amount of pleasure. I simply can’t wait for the next ‘Code’ book, I just love that whole world. Happy New Year to you and I hope it’ll be better than the last. As for the tosser on the beach, he will inevitably get what’s coming to him, people like that always do. Same for the builders and I have a very similar experience of being ripped off by them. What is it with South Coast builders? Anyway, I hope you have a great New Year’s Eve.

  30. Yea, we are all in this together… alone. hmmmmmm
    I can relate to much of your grief, albeit, not all for quite the same reasons. However, my darling fur baby of 13 years died in my arms also on Thanksgiving day, and gutted me as well.
    It sucks EVERYWHERE now. I’m in the USA, and just when we think it cannot get any worse, it does! The laws are made for the criminals, not the innocent. And us law-abiding, tax paying chumps always pay the price it seems.
    My thoughts and prayers go up for you, and all other innocents caught up in this mess we call life. None of us get out of it alive.
    Much love and respect to you Rich! Not only for your 22 years of honest, caring, righteous policing, but also for your loving spirit/soul that continues to care for even the least among us. And for your LOVE of all fur babies! And last but certainly not least, for sharing your Awesome, Wonderful, Perfect words with us, so we can muddle through our lives with at least these stories to look forward to.
    Hoping 2022 is much kinder to all!

    Donna and family

  31. Everyone has spoken for me. I too can relate to your year. 2022 will mean me forcing my hubby to read your books – I do have a signed First Seven Days (thank you so much) – so I will get him to read it (he doesn’t ‘do’ zombie lit) also I’ve lost a beautiful GS and cried more at her loss more than when my sister died – I tried to figure that out but came to no real conclusion- and now have a manic cocker spaniel. Christ after having an obedient GS having this disobedient fox shit rolling, barking, nutter of a dog was hard going at first. But now is my beautiful boy!! Your books are my comfort zone and I reread them in between other books just to remind myself that not all books are as great as yours!!! Happy 2022 to everyone xx

  32. RR,

    So sorry to hear about Milka. She must have been the BEST, since Meredith is so bitchin’. 2021 was the worst, but ’22 will be better. I know that cos you are working on books that I can read.

  33. I always envisaged you as tough and determined as your protégés who fight the darkness that has crept across our green and pleasant land.
    So I’m very sorry to hear of your shitty year, we have all lived through interesting times but whilst death and sickness has affected most of us, we have generally not been assaulted and ripped off!
    I hope 2022 sees you bouncing back, and your issues resolved in the best possible way . . . . . . .

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