Huntington House

The first in the thrilling new series of Mike Humber Detective Novels. Mike Humber, ex police detective is down on his luck. Sacked from the job he loved two years ago for a vicious assault on a child molester he now finds himself broke with a serious drink problem and an addiction to sleeping pills. When a job offer comes out of the blue, Humber readily accepts. Live in Huntington House while a court battle takes place and prevent any family members from gaining access. Sounds simple enough….until he meets Tessa and things go very badly wrong. Twisting. Brutal. Sexy. This Physcological thriller will keep you glued to the page.


He works a full time job, has four dogs, drinks cappuccino and has lots of tattoos. He lives in a cave somewhere underground away from the spy satellites and invisible drones sent to watch over us by the BBC. He is a certified, badged and registered hypochondriac and blames the invisible BBC drones for this.


“..This novella is not for the faint-hearted being full of explicit, wince-inducingly realised violence and some very adult, disturbing subject matter. But for all that, the emotional dilemma and trademark nobility of character is here, alongside fascinating police procedural detail that makes this story pulse and breath.”


“..A deeply unsettling, creeptastic delight..”


“..the mark of a good writer is to give you the feels in a story and this did that in spades..”


A chance to right the wrongs of the past. A chance to set things right. Mike Humber, an ex-detective sacked for beating a child molester is offered an opportunity to make amends for the failures of his past, but once that path is chosen it leads to an event that changes everything he has ever known.
From the mind of the best-selling author RR Haywood comes a violent gut-wrenching tale of revenge.

The Book of Shorts

From award-winning and best-selling author, RR Haywood, comes a collection of five novellas from The Second Reality, Mike Humber and The Undead.
Sham and Cuthbert go to sleep.
George and Marion
The Ship’s Crew
The Undead Stand-Alone

The Second Reality


What are dreams?

They are the mind processing the images, memories and emotions that each of us experience. They are unique to the individual and no two persons can ever experience the same dream.
Or so Doctor Charlotte Henson thought when she started treating the enigmatic and charming Michael.


From the bestselling author of The Undead Series comes a beautiful tale of love and forbidden romance, a tale of twisted and brutal imaginings, a sickening exploration of the depravity the mind can force on a person…The Second Reality…


Warning: This book contains graphic scenes of both a violent and sexual nature and is intended for adults.