The Undead Day One

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The Undead Day One. The start of the cult smash-hit series… 

the undead day 1

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Zombies. The Undead. The Risen. The Walkers. Those who refuse to die. Survival in a modern urban world. Post Apocalyptic England as you have never seen it before. The Undead Day One. The start of the cult smash-hit series that has swept across the UK to become the bestselling UK zombie horror series.

Join Howie, a supermarket manager, as he struggles to survive the initial outbreak of this worldwide pandemic

The Second Reality

What are dreams?

They are the mind processing the images, memories and emotions that each of us experience. They are unique to the individual and no two persons can ever experience the same dream.

Or so Doctor Charlotte Henson thought when she started treating the enigmatic and charming Michael.

From the bestselling author of The Undead Series comes a tale of twisted and brutal imaginings, a sickening exploration of the depravity the mind can force on a person…The Second Reality….

Warning: This book contains graphic scenes of both a violent and sexual nature and is intended for adults.

The Second Reality
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The Undead Series

The Undead Series

The Undead Series by RR Haywood is the UK’s best selling zombie horror series. A cult underground hit with readership that defies generations and gender and has been described as the UK’s answer to The Walking Dead.

The Undead Series
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Huntington House

Huntington House

The first in the thrilling new series of Mike Humber Detective Novels.Twisting. Brutal. Sexy. This Psychological thriller will keep you glued to the page

Huntington House
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A word from RR Haywood

Hi, welcome to my site and thank you for taking the time to visit. The success of The Undead series has been staggering and every day I’m blown away by the support and feedback I get. If you want an idea of how a writers mind works, take a look at the blog and see the inane, stupid, infantile ramblings of my view point of the world. Join me on Facebook too or Twitter, I love getting contact and hearing readers thoughts and opinions. I read every single one of them that comes in.

I write every day, without fail and without exception. Writing is discipline and long hours spent staring at a screen, but the rewards of telling a story are fantastic, just to know that someone else can take enjoyment from the words I put down, well….that is beyond description. Thanks for visiting and please have a good look round.

Take care

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PS, I’m still seeking representation from an agent. The Undead series has had over forty thousands downloads, over six hundred top reviews, won awards and is the best-selling UK zombie horror series…come on!!!