The Undead Twenty Two

RR Haywood is proud to be a long-standing and highly successful Amazon author. He is the creator of The Undead and Extracted. 

Living in an underground cave, away from the spy satellites and invisible drones sent to watch over us by the BBC, he works a full-time job, has four dogs and lots of tattoos. He is also a certified, badged and registered hypochondriac, for which he blames the invisible BBC drones.

Should you not have a drone to hand, you can find him on Facebook: RR Haywood.

A word from RR Haywood

Hi, thank you for visiting my site.The success of The Undead and Extracted has been staggering and every day I’m blown away by the support and feedback I get from readers. If you want an idea of how a writer’s mind works, take a look at my blog or join me on Facebook. I love getting contact from readers and read every single message that comes in. I always try and reply but it’s not always possible so please do forgive me if I don’t write back.Writing is discipline and long gruelling hours spent staring at a screen. It’s soul-destroying at times and every writer has lots of occasions when they question what they are doing. Scathing reviews and harsh criticism can leave you reeling but the rewards and positivity far outweigh the bad stuff. Just to know someone else can take enjoyment or think about the thing you are trying to say from the words you construct is incredible.
I hope you enjoy the site.
Take care


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I love hearing from readers. I can’t always reply but I do read everything that comes in.


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